Dear God…

I really wanna know You more…help me to go deeper in juYou. Read more of Your words and speak life into every and any situation. Remove all idols from my dwelling.

Dear God, I am oh so tired! Help me to rest on your promises. It is never changing. It is forever and it is true!

Dear God, I beg thee peace and comfort! Whisper sweet peace to my soul. It is well!

Dear God, send me inspiration, love, and hope! I hunger and thirst to feel secure…to be reminded that everything happens for a reason and my journey is not new to everyone else. I am more than a conqueror and I am renewed in Your will for my life! Oh how HE loves me.

Dear God, I have fallen short, but thank You for never failing to remind me that I am your child and that I am chosen to be alive right now.

Dear God, this “thing” called life…it weird bad bad! It complicated suh till! But I thank You for ease and help navigating this world we call home until You return for us.

Dear God, Your love is sure. My heart yearns for You and all that You continue to do for me. The way You continue to show up even during times of sadness…the way You keep me sane! Thank you Daddy Jesus! Thank You!

#EndSars #EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeria #Nigeria #SARS #EndPoliceBrutality

Old Friend

The first thing I remembered as soon as I saw this title was one of the saddest parts of my favorite movie DreamGirls.

James Early had just died and they were having a memorial for him. Loretta Devine 😍 sang the sweetest song “I Miss You Old Friend”.

The words are:

I miss you, old friend
Can I hold you?
And though it’s been a long time, old friend
Do you mind?There were so many things
I wish I had said
I meant to love you
But I hurt you insteadI’ve come here now
To make amends
Can I sit down beside you
Can we be close again?Ooh, ‘coz I, I miss you, old friend
Can I hold you?
And though it’s been a long time, old friend
Do you mind?I’m hoping that you
Will feel this way too
‘Coz I miss you, old friend
I miss you

You should watch that part of DreamGirls…I still cry. 😥

I think about all the people that people have lost all around the world this year. COVID-19 have wreaked havoc and continues to take love ones away from not only family…but friends. It’s hard to know someone that didn’t make it…and it’s also hard to come to terms with the fact that COVID-19 is NOT THE ONLY REASON PEOPLE ARE DYING (but we ain’t going into all that mess).

It’s crazy how many people find it so hard to let go or get over loved ones…we grieve and grieve and grieve again and we think we are fine then the next minute? We are in SHAMBLES; can’t find our way out. Depressed? Helpless? Pushing everyone away and THEN feeling alone.

What should we do to free our hearts of hurt? Of pain? Of memories that we thought would be there forever? What CAN WE EVEN DO? is there anything that can rid us of terror and confusion in the midst of losing an OLD Friend?

It’s ridiculous how people fail so horribly at being empathetic or sympathetic. I think it’s because they believe we are all affixed the same personality and strengths. We all grieve differently and we should acknowledge that fact. Merely telling a friend “He/She is already gone” is not the best way comfort a broken heart. It’s not an ex boyfriend or girlfriend you are trying to easily forget. It’s someone you loved, cherished and was removed with or without them having the chance to say goodbye!


But (I know this isn’t grammatically correct) we have to figure out something quickly. What is the plan? We have jobs. We can’t sit around moaning and groaning like those who have no hope. We are entirely responsible for our happiness and the decision to protect our hearts and minds (mental health) is what will guide us to a path of peace.

The peace that passeth all understanding. 🌺

Let’s try to capture that and live fully until it’s our time. All I ask and all we need!

Be safe 🚷

Be strong 💪🏾

Be less sanctimonious 🙊

-To the old friends I’ve lost…FLY HIGH🕊

-Latainia Webb October 8th, 2020

Someone You Lost

I don’t know where to start, but it’s funny I come back here every single time I lose someone…

Well this time I don’t have much to say…

✅ Hang on to those who love you.

✅ Hang on to life for as long as you can.

✅ Love those who love you.

✅ Pray for those who don’t.

✅ Be strong.

✅ Be patient.

✅ Be wise.

✅ Be honest.


✅ Seek peace.


✅ Cry happy tears.

-For Aunty Wendy 💔🕊

– Latainia Webb 10/07/2020

You’re Beautiful…You Know That?

“I ask for us to continue to grow in knowledge of each other. For us to never forget all the reasons why we want to be with each other, even if things get difficult. I ask for us to both be willing to accept love as much as we give it. I ask for us to never stop pursuing each other, even though we’re already together. I ask for Him to allow me to love you the way he loves the church. Wholeheartedly. With forgiveness, and understanding. Never wavering, accepting each other’s flaws, never once allowing them to drive a wedge in between us.
I ask for this relationship to never feel like it’s draining either of us, for us to always be able to communicate effectively and for this to always be healthy.”

– Destiny


I’m dusting off my word press because I feel the need to.

It’s been a while and I know I haven’t been able to think straight these past months with my promotion taking effect and everything.

As “Ramping Shop” plays from the speakers in this sports bar, I am typing…on a date by myself . I am watching a couple seated right in front of me. The female just decided to sit on her lovers lap. My heart started racing.

You see…I’m probably not supposed to be alone tonight because I am slowly sinking deep into depression after being triggered by two tweets this morning! Oops!

Did I tell u that I was late for this date? How Latty! How is that possible? 🤷🏾‍♀️😩

Anyway…I ordered chicken pasta and a Miami Vice drink!

I’m excited for the drink…not necessarily the food. I’m only eating because I know I’ll be drinking tonight!

Who knew that at age 27 I’d be sitting watching music videos waiting on food in a sports bar, in a very sexy jumpsuit by MYSELF? Nobody but Jesus!

MY DRINK IS HERE! DJ is playing “Here comes the girl dem sugarrrrrrrrrrr” I feel so much better now! Especially now that I see there’s a cherry in it! I’ll do some tongue work! 👅

Food is hurrrr! Let’s taste it! *bless food*

Mhmmm…yep. Issa good one! 🤤

Anti ways…maw come give myself my undivided attention now. See you on the next blog!


“Hot gyal a hot gyal sweet laka honey”

Stealing Timberlee’s lyrics to start this one!

Megan The Stallion have the whole world activating their “Hog Girl Summer” and I decided I wanted to act like I was as young and smexxy like every one on insta and Twitter so I went to the nail tech!

I really saw some nice nails I wanted to get and I was determined to get them all summery! I did just that!

As usual when I get to the nail tech it’s a whole day thing…I actually hate that 😩 I just wana pull up and go…

Sigh 😔

I was hungry all while waiting AND remember I was drinking all night so I had a slight headache 🤕BRUH

Just glad I got what I wanted cause I would freak!


*Cues No Guarantee x Protoje, Chronixx*

“People, got expectations, will they love you? No Guarantee!

People, all need salvation, will they save you? No Guarantee!”

Today was a horrible day at work! To keep sane, I left around 9PM to go have a drink. Had 3 drinks from the very long bar list Gizmos had and I was then on my way home tipsy bad bad 🥴

  1. Dream Queen
  2. Hard head
  3. Sex me (Twas horrible zeen!) 😩

I was drunk texting all the way home. Twas horrible!

That was all after I got my favorite wings and chips 🤤🙃

As usual, Obrian was out chilling with me…Twas fun…at least based on what I remember!

Guys this new position is getting to me zeen! I’m just praying I make it to October 🥺


I realize I keep starting my posts and I keep forgetting to publish them. I need to work on that!

NOTHING special happened today…So ama just post a pic and let it slide!

So Grateful for life 😩💛